for organizations that want access to state of the art software without prohibitive up front costs or local server maintenance fees.
High Standards :
The stability of JAVA, the capacity of Sybase SQL, the security of SSL. Notebuilder lets you focus on serving clients, growing your business, instead of managing software more
Zero Deployment :
Application software updates are available without the need for costly onsite upgrades, ensuring you are always using the most current version of more
Sleep Well
Security is everyone's concern. NoteBuilder keeps sensitive PHI off your laptop, out of the trunk of your car, and protects all aspects of the record with complete audit more
Web Based
Documentation Tech
Maximize clinical resources
Become more efficient
Increase productivity
In the coming decade 'purchasing' software will give way to powerful web based applications designed to communicate with each other, offering multiple menus of options. If you use Outlook for scheduling, great; NB 'talks' with Outlook. Do you want to store PDFs from other agencies into the client's record, great; its an OLE compatible world.
Email: jim at notebuilder dot com