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Manage client info:
Keep up with the details of your clients' information. Whether you serve one client or many hundreds, NoteBuilder brings ease to documentation and organization. read more
Manage clinicians:
Empowering clinicians with affordable, state of the art technology just makes sense. Efficiency improves and frustration declines. read more
Manage your bottom line:
Notebuilder is software as a service which means:
-zero technology management costs
-zero deployment costs
-automatic updates.  read more
Web Based
Documentation Tech
Reduce costs. Increase cash flow.
Streamline QA/UM activities.
Ensure compliance with regulations.
                           Using NoteBuilder has changed my perception of documentation and reporting. It is now efficient, complete, easy, etc. As our administrative assistant said, "It's like a well oiled machine; when they come out of an assessment the entire assessment and service plan are ready to be filed". It saves the clinicians the stress of knowing that paperwork looms . . .  When collaterals request records, it's not a big deal. I feel that we are always in compliance with requirements. That's new for me! Many thanks for all your support while learning. If we can do it, anyone can.
                      ~Anne B. Clinical Director
Email: jim at notebuilder dot com