by clinicians intimately familiar with the complex, often repetitive, nature of clinical paper work. They imagined a better way and created NoteBuilder. Discover how NoteBuilder simplifies " paperwork".
No More Playing 'Catch-Up':

Notebuilder helps you manage, organize, and streamline your practice of delivering quality services. Reliably, the information you need is where you need it, when you need it.
Notebuilder can remove the aggravation of being a clinician and return the joy of providing client care.  read more

I've used NoteBuilder in two agencies. I refuse to work without it. It does everything but cook dinner. Actually, I enjoy getting home in time to cook my own dinner.
Nikki W.
Web Based
Documentation Tech
An enterprise level online service for every clinician, whether in a large agency or private practice.
Notebuilder is the clinicians' dream come true. Imagine simply pointing and clicking to compose comprehensive, consistent, and "best practices" compliant documentation. From intake assessment, to treatment plans and administrative reports, we've got you covered.
Email: jim at notebuilder dot com