Fill out the information below to set up your trial account; e.g. correct signature line, headers for your notes etc. Your account will have several 'sample' clients to practice on. Before entering actual client information (PHI), please contact us so we can fulfill HIPPA requirements.

For instructions on adding a sample client, scope out the tutorials on the TRAINING page, particulary Adding Clients.
Down the road, If you already have client data in an electronic format (excel spreadsheets,xml, or csv files), we can import the data directly into your data base and save a lot of keystrokes.

We strongly encourage you to take full advantage of the tutorials before and during your trial period. They will save you time. The video tutorials are rich in content and help you to discover the many features and benefits of NoteBuilder. The more you know, the more useful NB can be.

Risk Free Trial is good for 30 days. At that point you will receive an invoice from us. If you choose not to continue, let us know and we will end the trial with no cost or obligation to you.

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